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Perfection In Design

Here at BEC Group, we think that plastics should be better.

Our focus is on getting it right the first time, because we know that if you invest in your product’s development early on, you’re much more likely to avoid costly problems during production and receive the best results later down the line.

We understand that good design is paramount to your product’s success. Our accomplished engineering team can bring your ideas to life by injecting their well-honed formula of skills, experience and technical knowledge into your product’s creation.

From the initial conception all the way to the production line, we’ll be with you 100% of the way.

Full Design For Manufacture Services – All Under One Roof

Using our engineering expertise during the design stages of your project optimises the entire manufacturing process and avoids delays with bringing your product to market.

Working with us will ensure that your product is designed to be commercially viable. We design for manufacturability, identifying and correcting any issues early on so that when it comes to the moulding process you can be sure that your product will be correct first time.

We know how plastic works. We have a deep understanding for each plastic’s unique properties, and how it moulds and flows. Tell us your specific requirements and we’ll help you source everything you need to make your designs a reality. We will help you develop an in-depth understanding of your product’s restrictions and limits, as well as its best features.

Our bespoke design for manufacture services include:

Product Engineering– We look at the ergonomic design, features, material, finishes and volumes required all within the contexts of budget, quality and timing; turning the best product ideas into the best possible products.

• Design for Manufacture – We’ll use our engineering expertise to review the design of your product from a manufacturing perspective. Upon completion we’ll provide a comprehensive report setting out how your product can be produced in the most efficient manner possible in terms of time, cost and resources. We take into consideration how the product will be processed, with the skills available, to give you the highest yields possible.

• CAD – Using state-of-the-art Computer-Aided Design software we’ll develop detailed visualisations of your designs, which can then be used to develop prototype products.

If you’re looking for the right team to help with all your plastic design needs, contact BEC today.


Our Design for Manufacture Process Involves Using Computer Aided Software (CAD)