Experienced UK Injection Mould Toolmakers

The Right Tools For The Job

Working with BEC Group means you have access to all our design, tooling and moulding equipment under one roof. This enables us to offer our customers superior services, such as rapid tooling, which means you can benefit from faster lead times without having to worry about any lapses in quality.

We began over 35 years ago; manufacturing press tools, jigs and fixtures from basic milling machines. We now offer the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship across our impressive selection of tooling and moulding services.

From production-ready injection tooling and sampling, to modifications and cost down reviews, we have the experience and the technology to design and create mould tools for even the most complex of parts.

Through careful evaluation, our experts are able to suggest valuable recommendations and make game-changing modifications to your mould tools. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing software we are able to create production-ready mould tools directly from your 3D CAD.

With full-access to our in-house equipment and expertise, our experienced toolmakers and design team can combine their skills to get your project right the first time.

Adapting To Growth

The globalisation of plastic injection tooling and moulding is a troubling issue. Many businesses consider outsourcing their plastic-manufacturing process to another country a simple way to save money, however in practise this can often end up costing them considerably more than they bargained for.

Lack of expertise, low-quality materials and communication barriers can often result in delayed lead times, poor workmanship, expensive hidden costs and other unwanted set-backs.

Our team aims to combat the trend of poor-quality off-shore produced plastics by providing our clients with an established and experienced UK based service. With all our equipment in-house, we can lower your lead times and reduce the risks that come with manufacturing abroad. You’ll be able to effortlessly communicate with our entire team, allowing for innovative changes to be implemented whilst you still have complete control over the project costs.

Whether you need us to repair or modify existing tooling or design and prepare a prototype for an entirely new mould tool, contact us today to find out how we can help you.

BEC's Rapid Tooling Services