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OptiGene – Design for Manufacture & CAD Design

Genie III

Quote We found that the DFM report demonstrated a thorough examination of our tooling requirements.  We were extremely impressed by the detailed analysis of our designs and the recommendations that you offered for each part.  This has enabled us to save many more times than the study cost by reducing the number of tools needed for our job, generating an immediate financial benefit.  In addition, the modifications to the designs that we have made as a result of the report have given both us and you more confidence that the moulded parts will be produced as intended and without the need for significant changes to the tooling once manufactured. Michael Andreou, Managing Director, OptiGene

The Brief

Review the CAD designs for the Genie III and carry out a design for manufacture review.  The findings of the report were to be used to  help Optigene make an informed decision about  whether to go ahead with the product, amend it or go for a complete redesign.

The Solution

We produced a comprehensive report for Optigene identifying a number of improvement opportunities which resulted in a much better product for less money and within a shorter timescale.

BEC Design for manufacture review
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The Stats

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