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OptiGene – Plastic Injection Moulding

Genie II


As well as manufacturing great quality tools and injection moulded components for our Genie II device, the real value for us has been BEC’s ability to build a relationship with our design agency.  They worked through the designs and imparted their extensive technical knowledge to give us the best possible product, on time and in budget.

Michael Andreou, Managing Director, OptiGene

The Brief

OptiGene’s research showed that the DNA testing technology on the market was prohibitively expensive for many.

They wanted to develop a device that was more widely accessible to scientists, enabling DNA testing to be carried out cheaply, quickly and on-site.

The first concept drawings and CAD for the Genie II were produced.  We were contacted to review them from a production moulding viewpoint.  Any recommendations for the device had to incorporate the following:

• Be portable:  no more than 300mm x 250mm x 120mm

• House and protect specialist technology and electrical components

• A screen: 155mm x 95mm

The Solution

The Genie II was born!  It has already made a TV appearance;  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-20229813

Scientists can now test the DNA of ash trees in situ, giving results in minutes to help establish the scale of the ash dieback disease across the country. 

The Stats

3 mould tools
45 days manufacture time
4 separate components
1 happy customer