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FlareBrands – Injection Mould Tooling

FlareSafe Torch


“We highly recommend BEC’s professionalism and extreme depth of knowledge regarding the development and manufacture of our tooling equipment, proving to be a critical and committed element of our design process.”

Dave Potter, Co-Founder, FlareBrands Ltd

The Brief

After the Childers hostel fire in Australia in June 200 in which 15 backpackers died, the founders of FlareBrands came up with FlareSafe, a personal, multi-purpose safety device designed to save lives.  We were appointed to work with the design agency to develop the concept and produce a commercially viable product.

The Solution

Following several cost down iterations we achieved the target price point without losing any key functions of this innovative product. We manufactured the complex, 17 component tool and produced samples for FlareBrands to test.

Due to the thorough concept design stage and the accuracy and technical capability of our tool room, no tool modifications were required.