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Ecoegg – Tooling Modifications

Dryer Egg


“BEC were recommended to us by the GTMA and we couldn’t have been happier with the referral.  We brought our tools back from China after a number of challenges.  BEC demonstrated the benefits of keeping production local and proved that cost isn’t the only factor to consider when selecting a supplier.  The expertise and quality of workmanship in their Toolroom is impressive.  Not only do the Dryer Egg tools look as new, they also function more efficiently.”

Dawn White, Director, Ecoegg


Following a number of supplier complications in China, Ecoegg were put in touch with us by the GTMA.  They asked us to:

  • Correct the damage to the mould tools to get them production ready
  • Test the tools and produce samples
  • Run a small batch production
  • Do a seond review of the tools and make recommendations for further modifications


After a full review of the tooling (made more time consuming by tool drawings that didn’t match the physical tools) we prioritised the repairs.  Ultimately we improved both the efficiency and the effectiveness of the tools, resulting in quicker production and a reduction in costs on all subsequent batch runs.


EcoeggBEC Tooling Modifications, Ecoegg Dryer Egg

The Stats

3 mould tools
8 days manufacture time
4 separate components
2 materials