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Date: 5th June 2014   |   Written By: BEC
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Thanks for visiting our site. Take a look around and if you think we can help with a project then give us a call as our technical team has over 100 years combined experience of productionisation. We help designers to deliver the best product quality in the shortest timescale at the lowest overall cost.

Armed with modelling software and experience of hundreds of projects, our UK based team make BEC Group a great manufacturing partner, as Optigene found out when they asked us to carry out a Design for Manufacture study on a new product they were developing.

The Optigene Genie III is a scientific instrument used in the detection of DNA and RNA. Optigene asked us to review the CAD design for a set of mouldings and mould tools. BEC Group was able to make recommendations in a number of areas which not only improved the performance of the mouldings, but also actually reduced the number of mould tools needing to be made. Read the full case study