Why did BEC Group sponsor the PD&I conference?

Date: 5th June 2014   |   Written By: BEC
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Before you send across your final designs you already know what the customer is going to say, even though the brief has been clear in today’s customer centric world you are still expected to go further. What if you could verify a material, discount a concept or get a steer on lead time before you are asked the inevitable questions?

Come and meet us at the PD&I Conference.  BEC has over 35 years plastic injection design, tooling and moulding experience that can add value to your proposal whilst saving time on concepts that are destined for the Allesi bin. Send us some CAD and we can:

  • Estimate on Tooling and Moulding costs
  • Advise on design for manufacture
  • Verify material specifications
  • Supply Prototype or Rapid Tooling for validation and testing
  • Take responsibility for new product introductions
  • Engineer solutions for you to deliver to your customer

BEC enables you as a designer to achieve new levels of product innovation, be more closely integrated with the manufacturing process through our factory in Hampshire and satisfy your customers’ demand. So why did we sponsor the event in 2014? To find you of course!