About BEC – Plastic Manufacturers

When you think of plastics manufacturing, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  Is it huge factory assembly lines in some far off country, churning out cheaply mass-manufactured disposable goods?  Or do you think about finely crafted products, fashioned close to home by experts with over three decades of experience?

Here at BEC Group we are proud to specialise in the latter.  We’re a UK based company dedicated to offering bespoke plastic design, tooling and moulding services.  We inject over 30 years of British heritage into every project we undertake, and our friendly and professional team of experts are truly passionate about plastic.

Years of Experience

We were founded with the ambition to make plastics better, and this focus remains the drive of everything we do today.  We add value to every project using our innovative and technical experience and expertise, which are showcased perfectly in the high-quality and diverse work that we produce.  Take a look at some of our work and see the results for yourself.

Come in for a visit with our knowledgeable engineering experts and you’ll be given impartial and practical advice on all the issues related to your project.  Our recommendations are aligned with your objectives, so whether you’re looking to save money or create a premium product, we’ll use our in-depth expertise to deliver complete peace of mind and help you make not only an informed decision, but the right one.

Building Better Plastics

You can utilise our renowned services at any stage during your product’s creation process; from mapping out the rough sketches to planning the post assembly procedures.  Choose to create your product with BEC Group and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Whether it’s a passion project or a commercial product, our fully-trained UK based team will work with you to help get the very best from your product. Every project we undertake will be fully analysed by our engineering experts.  Because we’re based in the UK and all our equipment is in-house, you’ll have full access and control over the entire process, and any alterations can be carried out swiftly and professionally, without any hidden costs.

We know that OK is not OK, we believe in making plastic products better.  So if you’re looking for established, high-quality UK plastic manufacturers that you can trust, look no further than BEC Group.  Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Bespoke Design For Manufacture Services from BEC GroupExample of Our Controlled Plastic Injection Moulding Machine